HargaBits Launching Event posted on 07 November 2016

On 07 November, 2016 Shaqodoon Organization held HargaBits digital Design School launch at Haraf Hotel in Hargeisa. The main objective of the launch event was to bring together government, businesses, parents, youth and development planners in Somaliland to sensitize the new HargaBits trainings and the importance of the school. The event was well attended and featured presentations, key note speeches and inspiration speeches among guests.

According to Ahmed Ali, Project Manager of Shaqodoon, linked the HargaBits to decreasing the massive youth unemployment among Somaliland youth, noting “Through this important school, this service will greatly contribute in decreasing the high unemployment of youth specially less privileged communities.” In addition, Ahmed Ali presented detailed presentations explaining the aims, objectives and different kinds of trainings that HargaBits will provide.

Ministry of Education and higher Education, Director of depart of planning and development Mohamed Awoowe stressed the importance of Shaqodoon services to Somaliland youth, stating that “Given the overwhelming levels of youth unemployment that the Somaliland youth face, the holistic youth digital trainings and support services that Shaqodoon offers are precisely the innovative types of solutions needed to demonstrate that youth can be effectively empowered to become productive members of society.”

CEO of the Galool multimedia Khadar Dirir said “The Somaliland youth we know is entrepreneurial in spirit and reality. We are excited to see Shaqodoon offering digital design skills trainings to youth to enter Somaliland’s thriving business community.” During the event, senior trainer of NairoBits Elly Dhidha shared his life story to the participants and how NairoBits changed his life. Elly speech was very emotional. This is significantly inspired young people as well. Elly said “such as digital skills training can really put someone to the global map” Following with the Elly speech, two students were dared to come to the stage to express their feelings and share their expectation from HargaBits.

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